Partial Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation

Aug 22, 2021

An extraordinary general meeting of members was held, and based on a special resolution of the general meeting of members, the articles of incorporation were partially amended to add the following provisions. The reason for this is mainly to establish a financial foundation, to strengthen the management base, and to provide more flexibility for community cat activities.

Chapter 7 Foundation

【Contribution of Funds】
Article 28 The Corporation may request its members or third parties to contribute to the Fund as provided in Article 131 of the General Corporation Law.

【Solicitation of Funds】
Article 29 The Director shall determine the procedures for the subscription, allocation and payment of the Fund.

【Rights of Contributors to the Fund】
Article 30 The contributed funds shall not be returned until the date agreed with the fund contributors.

【Procedures for Return of the Fund】
The total amount of the Fund to be returned shall be returned to the contributors as determined by the Directors after the resolution of the Annual General Meeting of Members.

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