Create a signboard from scrap wood (DIY)

Sep 21, 2021

Using leftover paint and scrap wood, we created a small signboard for the Sirius Cat Observatory !

To make it look like a signboard, we wrote Sirius Cat Observatory in English as SIRIUS CAT OBSERVATORY.

Table of Contents

・Cut the wood and paint it

Cut the scrap wood and paint the base color of the sign board.

・Paint color: Pistachio green

・Board size: 45cm x 20cm

We used the frame material because there was a surplus of scraps with a decorative board, but if there is no frame material, if you use a molding material etc., it will be more three-dimensional and fashionable.

In this case, we cut the corners of the frame material at a 45 degree angle so that the sides would not be visible. For outdoor use, I painted the cut surface and the sides of the base material with white paint, and the back of the signboard with pistachio green paint. If not painted, it should be varnished to prevent corrosion.

・Make a die-cut sheet

The next step is to make a stencil sheet for spraying.

To prevent the spray from seeping out when it is sprayed, we used A4 size (210mm x 297mm) glossy paper (for photos) to print the Sirius Cat Observatory logo.

Since there are many curves, use a design cutter to cut them little by little.

To prevent the star design part from shifting when spraying, we cut it with the two tips of the star grounded to the sheet frame, albeit only slightly (about 1mm ! ). Now the die-cut sheet is complete !

・Transfer the letters

We will transfer the letters of the Sirius Cat Observatory.

This time, we used tracing paper (carbon paper) for the transfer.

After spraying, the blackness of the tracing paper might stain the base green paint or sprayed parts, so we transferred the letters onto the tracing paper first. If it gets dirty, we will repaint it.

Print out the image with only the border line (frame line) for easy tracing. To avoid misalignment of the characters, we used a large A3 size paper (297mm x 420mm, equivalent to two A4 sheets).

To prevent misalignment during the tracing process, use masking tape to attach the A3 paper (transfer source) and the base board (transfer destination). There is no need to tape the carbon paper since it can be moved and used as needed.

When tracing, you can use anything you like, but this time we used a black ballpoint pen. You can also use a pencil, as long as the tip is fine.

Slowly peel off the masking tape, making sure that it is properly traced.

We were able to trace it well ! The surface of the wood is a little bumpy, so there will be a little deviation when tracing, but it’s just a guide, so this is fine.

・Color the letters

Next, we will paint the words SIRIUS CAT OBSERVATORY. This time, we will use an oil-based sign pen (magic pen).

If the font style is too complicated, it will be difficult to transfer, so we will choose the font style in advance when designing.

In the same way as for coloring, carefully paint the outer frame with a thin pen at first, and then paint the inner frame with a thick pen after the frame has been formed to some extent.

Work while pressing with a tissue etc. so that the characters when transferred are not blurred.

Now the text part is done !

・Spray the design part of the logo

The next step is to spray the Sirius Cat Observatory logo.

Spray glue on the back side of the die-cut sheet that we made earlier, and attach it to the base board. You can also use tape glue, but it’s hard to leave a mark after peeling it off, so we’ll use spray glue this time. You can also use a pencil to write down a rough guide of where to stick the die-cut sheet to prevent misalignment.

After attaching with spray glue, use masking tape with vinyl to cure as needed.

This time, we had some leftover spray paint from when we painted cars, so we used that silver type (metallic pearl mica).

Of course, you can also use a craft spray.

To avoid dripping, we sprayed three thin coats at 15-minute intervals.

After waiting for about 30 minutes for the paint to dry, remove the masking and die-cutting sheets. When spraying, the die-cut sheets will lift up a little, and the spray will penetrate through the gaps, resulting in some blurry areas, but we think that’s fine and tasteful.

・Attaching the frame material

The next step is to attach the frame using the bond.

The wood looks straight, but it has some curves and warps, so to eliminate the gaps, wait for the bond to dry while holding it with washcloths.

The edge of the frame material was cut at a 45-degree angle, but some gaps were left, so we will fill them with putty. You can also use jointing material.

To prevent the putty from sticking to the frame material, cure it with masking tape, apply the putty, and smooth it out with a small spatula.

After about 15 minutes, remove the masking tape and wait overnight. It will take about 24 hours for the putty to dry completely.

As it dries, it will lose a little bulk. we also applied putty to the gaps where the frame and base materials were bonded together. This will prevent corrosion and mildew from the rain and wind. When the putty dries, you can paint over it, so if the frame material has a color, you can paint over it for a more beautiful finish. In this case, the frame material happened to be white like the putty, so we left it as it was.

・Attaching the triangular hanging can

Attach a triangular hanging can to the back of the base material to display it on a wall.

You can also use screws or string instead.

This time, considering the weight of the signboard and the thinness of the base material, we attached a reinforcement plate. This is the remainder of the frame material.

・Finally, completion !!

That’s all for completion ! This time, when attaching it to the fence, we drilled the screw holes in advance with a drill driver and tightened them with nuts to install it.

・Materials used

  • Base wood (45cm x 20cm)
  • Frame material
  • Paint (pistachio green and white)
  • Paint brush
  • Spray (silver metallic pearl mica)
  • Spray glue
  • Tracing paper (carbon paper)
  • Sign pen (black magic pen)
  • Design cutter
  • Putty
  • Triangular hanging can
  • Bond
  • Screws
  • Curing tape

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