Cat-snowman and Panel display

Feb 9, 2024

This week we had the first snowfall in Tokyo in a long time. There are still patches of snow left on the side of the road. Using that kind of snow, we made not only a snowman but also a catman ~

Well, today we would like to inform you about the panel exhibition.

A panel exhibition will be held at the 1st floor lobby of Akishima City Hall regarding the “Project To Promote Harmonious Coexistence Of Community Cats And Citizens” carried out by Sirius Cat.

Anyone, including those from outside the city, can take a tour for free, and if you have any ideas like ” I’d be happy if you could implement something like this ”, you can write them down in the comment card, so please feel free to come by.

【Panel display】
・Akishima City Hall 1F Lobby
・March 4th (Monday) to March 8th (Friday), 2024
・8:30 AM – 5:15 PM (Ends at 4 PM on the last day only)
・Free tour

*Sirius Cat members will not be on site for panel exhibition only.

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