Inspection Of Cat Island-Tashirojima③

Mar 21, 2024

【Cat Island – Tashirojima ~ Nitoda Port ~ Cat Shrine】

When we arrived at Nitoda Port on Tashirojima, we were immediately greeted by a cat even though it was a port!

A cat is also stationed on the scooter in front of the waiting room.

Well, I decided to first visit the cat shrine in the center of the island.

You can go to the left or right from Nitoda Port, but I purposely chose the right direction where there are fewer cats. I’ll save the fun for last.

On the information sign

← (Left) Many cats: Few cats (Right) →

Many passengers seemed to choose the left direction.

On the way to the shrine, it feels like a light hike as I gradually climb up a mountain while looking out at the ocean.

Although the road is well paved, the bamboo forest gradually becomes dense.

There weren’t many people on the right side, so I looked around and saw no one.

There are some guide signs, but I basically rely on a map app.

Although we have less than two hours until the return ferry, if we miss it we will be forced to stay overnight.

Moreover, there is probably no place to stay.

So, I will walk hard!

After walking for about 20 minutes, the cat shrine came into view. During that time, there will probably be one or two cats.

The offering is ¥222 just for the cat. Although it is a very small shrine, you can tell that it is cherished by everyone, with things like cat bells and ornaments.

After paying a proper visit, I headed to the station island, Shimanoeki.

【Cat Shrine ~ Island station-Shimanoeki】

On the way to the island, it is a straight road that takes about 5 to 10 minutes to walk, but it is also a path through a bamboo forest.

There were also cats that ran straight at me from far away.

It seems like a standard walking course.

There were still only one or two of them, but they seemed to be patrolling the road to make sure there were no problems.

At Shimanoeki exit, there are already many people who have turned left at Nitoda Port.

But there are more cats than that.

Unfortunately, the store was not open, but the cats seemed to be relaxing in their favorite places.

And you can feel that this place is very safe and comfortable.

I wasn’t able to go inside the store, but it was a courtyard-like space with some small garden tables and chairs.

I think it will be a great relaxing space when you get tired from walking around.

While walking around the island, I saw the most cats here, so if you want to play with as many cats as possible,

I recommend visiting here.

to be continued.

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