Inspection Of Cat Island-Tashirojima④

Mar 23, 2024

【Island station, Shimanoeki ~ Around Nitoda Port】

The area around the island is the highest point I have ever walked around,

From there, the path goes down towards the village.

There are a few private houses here and there on the way back to the Nitoda Port area.

There are several cats that may be taking care of you there as well.

If you go down to the Nitoda Port area, you will reach the island’s largest village.

I wanted to get some souvenirs, but unfortunately none of the shops were open.

Actually, since it was a weekday, I hardly saw any islanders.

The only people passing each other are tourists.

That’s no wonder, Tashirojima is an island with about 50 residents, and the average age is said to be in their late 70s.

However, what surprised me was that all the cats were very clean and well cared for.

I have visited many areas, including outside of Japan, where cats and local residents coexist, among them, there were many top-level and beautiful cats.

【Around Nitoda Port】

I still have about an hour until our return boat, so I take a short break on a bench near Nitoda Port.

It took about an hour to head all the way to the right from Nitoda Port, passing by the cat shrine, the island’s banks, villages, etc., all on foot, climbing up and down, and then returning to Nitoda Port.

I ate a Sendai miso rice ball that I had bought at Ishinomaki Station.

It’s a great atmosphere, feeling the sea breeze.

It’s a big difference from when I was in the snow in Ishinomaki.

This time I took a walk for about an hour, but if I were to walk around Tashirojima in bad weather like the strong winds and snow in Ishinomaki, it may have been a very tough inspection. Thanks to the cat too.

Come to think of it, there wasn’t a single restaurant open on the island.

Of course, there are times when they are open, but they are probably on a whim (same as cats!?)

If you need lunch, etc., I recommend that you bring it with you in advance.

But be careful not to eat too much ! The reason will be explained next time…

to be continued.

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