Inspection Of Cat Island-Tashirojima⑤

Mar 24, 2024

【Nitoda Port ~ Tashiro Restaurant】

I still had time until my return boat departed, so I decided to take a walk around a bit more.

I could see a light blue building in the distance from the port, so I went over there and found a lot of cats.

It seems like it’s usually a restaurant, but it wasn’t open that day.

The characteristics of the cats on this island are:

They are very used to people, and of course they don’t approach people clingy, but

it will not run away even if you approach them.

And best of all, there are many long-haired cats.

There were long-haired cats everywhere, so as someone who loves long-haired cats, I was very happy.

Long-haired cats naturally require a lot of care, so I think the fact that they have such good hygiene is proof that the people on the island take good care of them.

All had good coats and appeared to be well-nourished.

There are also minimum rules for tourists.

・Silvervine is prohibited

・No feeding allowed

・No cat play allowed

・Long-term photography and sitting are prohibited.

And so on.

The whole island gives the impression of being a natural outdoor cat cafe, but the islanders only support us from behind the scenes.

I was able to walk around freely.

Best of all, the cat itself seemed free and happy. It seemed like the most ideal environment I’ve ever seen.

【Nitoda Port ~ Ishinomaki Central(Chuo) Terminal】

When I returned to Nitoda Port and waited in the waiting room, the ship arrived about 10 minutes before departure.

Many of the tourists seemed to be playing with the cats until the very last minute.

We boarded the same type of ship as on the outbound trip and departed for Ishinomaki at 15:30 on time.

Immediately after leaving the port.

Shaking, shaking.

It’s like a roller coaster.

Every time the ship shook, a scream came from inside the ship.



As the ship picked up some speed, the ship began to shake violently, and the open deck on the second floor was prohibited from use.

In fact, if you were there, you would be soaked.

A few minutes after leaving port, the men in front and behind were down. Everyone went straight to the bathroom.

I’ve been on ships all over the place, but this was the first time I’ve ever experienced such shaking.

If you are prone to seasickness, it may be best to refrain from eating before boarding.

It was quite a difficult voyage, but we arrived safely in about 40 minutes.

On the way back, we stopped at Kadowaki Terminal first, and then took a boat to Chuo Terminal.

I learned later that due to strong winds, the ships from Ishinomaki were canceled for the next few days after my visit.

I realized that the situation was on the very edge for safety reasons.

【Ishinomaki Central(Chuo) Terminal ~ Ishinomaki Station ~ Sendai Station】

I actually wanted to buy some souvenirs on Tashirojima, but there were no shops open, so I ended up contributing only 222 yen to the island.

As an alternative, there was a local souvenir shop called “Ishinomaki Genki Ichiba” next to the central terminal, so I went there to browse around.

There were many attractive products such as processed beef tongue products, sweets, rare Ishinomaki coffee, and goods.

I walked back to Ishinomaki Station.

On the way out, there was snow and strong winds, and I felt like I was going to break down, but on the way back, my steps became lighter.

I’m a little heavier than I was because of the fatigue from the walk and the souvenirs I brought home, but I feel very fulfilled because I was able to safely see so many cats.

From Ishinomaki Station, take the JR Senseki Line or Senseki Tohoku Line.

・Departs from Ishinomaki Station at 17:53
・Arrival at Sendai Station 18:51

Afterwards, take the Shinkansen to Tokyo at Sendai Station at 7:20pm.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Tashirojima tour.

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