☆Project to Promote Harmonious Coexistence of Community Cats and Citizens☆ will be held again this year

Apr 10, 2024

This year as well, in order to contribute to and revitalize the local community of Akishima City, where Sirius Cat is headquartered, we have decided to implement the “Project to Promote Harmonious Coexistence of Community Cats and Citizens”.

Project SummaryA project to encourage community cats and stray cats to return to their communities after implementing TNR, to live their lives there and live in good health together with the citizens.
LocationAkishima area, Tokyo (your home, office, etc.)
Application Benefits・Kitty Food Starter Set
・Guide to Community Cat Activities (How to do it)
・Community Cat Supporter Certification Sticker
… etc.
Application FeeFree of charge
*This project is supported by a grant from the Akishima City Citizen Activity Support Project in 2024, and is operated by Sirius Cat Organization that contributes to the community.
Date and TimeAll year round
*This event is not limited to a specific date and time, so please apply whenever you wish.
How to ApplyPlease fill out the application form or send it to akishima@siriuscat.org with ①your name, ②your address, and ③your phone number.

・Leaflet (PDF, 1MB)

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