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Kaz Kibushi

I met “Pepe”, a red tabby, on a trip when I was a child. I don’t remember much about him, but I do remember that he took to me strangely. As we were both children, we quickly got to know each other and had a lot of fun together. Time passed, and decades passed. By chance, I met “Coco” after a long time. He was a beautiful silver tabby mackerel tiger, and for a moment I thought he was an American short hair. Coco was a proud cat who demanded to be cuddled, but at the same time, he also threatened to purr. As soon as we started to get along, it snowed heavily, and we later found out that he had died. I am now with “Meru”, a short-tailed brown tabby with a short tail and legs. He has a very clear mind and is good at reading people’s emotions. He is also stubborn and persistent, but when the time comes, he takes good care of other cats. Meru sleeps so much that I sometimes wonder if he is still alive. We are like brothers.

Kaz is an Philosophical Entrepreneur. At Sirius Cat, he is primarily responsible for promoting charitable activities, creating sustainable action plans, and making final decisions. He is not only a certified animal caretaker, but also a US.CMA (Certified Management Accountant, IMA member, If you are wondering what US.CMA is, click here ). He was born in a region famous for its green tea, which is a bit minor, and makes and sips tea every day with a teapot. While running a venture company, his hobby is to travel around Asia, the Pacific coast, and North America. His motto is “Do IT Yourself”.


Anthony Karaplis

“Tessie”, a black cat who had been with us since childhood. Tessie was always there for me when I was in trouble. In January 2021, Tessie passed away slowly in my arms with many memories. 16 years old. I made a commemorative frame with Tessie’s real whiskers and paw prints on it. I wondered if Tessie understood what I was thinking. I have countless memories of my time with Tessie. Now, I spend my days with my calico cat, “Kitty”. I want to give her as much love as I gave Tessie, and savor the joy of being with her now.

Anthony is a Greek-Canadian who loves Japan. He contributes to Sirius Cat from an international perspective. He is bilingual in English and French, and holds an LL. L (Law degree) and an MBA. He continues to study Japanese as much as possible, when he is not busy giving his time to animals and his cat, Kitty. He loves Japanese anime and songs. He especially likes peach flavored IROHASU drinks. He aims to become trilingual and loves cats.



When I was a child, my dog gave birth to six children, and one by one, people came to adopt them. Among them, there was only one dog that was not given away for a long time. His name was “Buchi”. One day, I came home from school to find that someone had taken him away and he was gone. I cried a lot. Currently, I mainly take care of two local cats, “Bon-chan” and “Koji-san”. They are also two cats that are not well taken care of by people or cats. I hope they won’t suddenly disappear this time.

Hiroko is a certified animal caretaker, pharmacist and clinical laboratory technician. In charge of branding and governance. She became a cat lover by chance when she was in the second half of her life. She is often healed by the kindness of cats every day. Loves to travel and can’t help but notice cats even when traveling. President of the Scary Wives Association.



When I was young, I started working in a lab as a new employee. It was a company to develop new drugs. There was a cat there who was loved by everyone for some reason. Her name was “Chan-nya”. She spent the daytime outside, and in the evening she would come back through the window, get into her cage, and go to bed. (She was truly a COC (Certified Organization Cat) ! Read more about COC here). Chan-nya’s children died when the baby. One day, she brought home a strange kitten. Although it was not her own, she breastfed it. It was a moment when I saw cats helping each other up close.

Nobuyuki is a pharmacist and researcher. Observes local and community cats from a researcher’s perspective. He has been an animal lover since he was a child and is a self-paced person. His daily interaction with cats is his bliss. He enjoys coffee, and is particular about the quality of the beans, how they are ground, and how they are dripped by hand. In his spare time, he has visited most of the islands in Okinawa. He is also a fan of non-alcoholic beer made overseas.



I was a big dog lover since there was always a dog in the house since I was a child, but I turned into a big cat lover when I protected four kittens laid by stray cats in her garden. In June 2021, I found a wasting cat in the pouring rain during a walk. Unable to overlook it, I contacted a local NPO to take care of it.

Eriko is a former teacher of the YAMAHA Electone System. She has established many connections with local volunteer organizations and veterinary clinics. She has recently resumed piano lessons, but her mind and body are not connected, and she feels that her abilities are declining. She is a permanent member of the Scary Wives Association.



I grew up in an environment where cats were constantly in the house since childhood. “Konatsu” came to play on the wooden deck every day. At that time, she was still a small calico cat who was pampered while purring, but she grew up to become one of the community cats. Her name was later changed to “Juni”. Meru and Juni are great friends.

Hide is a first-class architect, chief real estate transaction officer, housing environment coordinator level 2, passed the eco-test. He has also used his skills as an architect to build a house for community cats. He has been an office worker for 37 years and dreams of staying in Bangkok or Chiang-Mai for a long time after he retires. He is a former rugger player and is planning to go to France for the World Cup in 2023.

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