Issuance of certificate of title

Give community and stray cats proof of life.

If even just one person, let alone a cat, understands and acknowledges the existence of a cat, then it has been worthwhile. Even if it is not recognized by many.
Community cats and mongrel cats do not have a pedigree. In human terms, this is the same as having no family register or nationality. However, every cat has its own personality. Some cats are bossy, some are spoiled by their friends, some are anxious, and some are trilingual, understanding English, Japanese and feline languages. Naturally, they may not know exactly what we mean, but they can vaguely understand what we mean by the tone of our voice, the emotions conveyed, and the atmosphere. Cats may have more intrinsic communication skills than humans. Including cats that have already passed away, we provide “proof” and “titles” that they have lived or are registered somewhere. We hope that this will bring a sense of security and warmth to the people involved.



Certified Community Cat ™

This title is given to cats that are managed and raised by multiple people and registered as community cats.



Certified Individual Cat ™

This title is given to cats that are registered as individually managed and raised, rather than in a group.



Certified Organization Cat ™

This is a title given to cats that are registered as being kept under control by an organization such as a company.

Common Application Requirements for Each Title

No degree or pedigree is required to obtain the title. All you need is a “deep love and understanding” of the cat for which you are applying.

No special preparation is required.

All you need to do is to remember and express the time and various experiences you and your cat have had together.

Steps to get the title

1. Check the survey sheet.

2. Pay the application fee.

3. Submit the survey sheet.

4. Review will be conducted.

5. After approval by the Director, the title will be granted along with a certificate.

Comparison of each title

CatsCommunity cats and stray catsIndoor catCommunity cats and indoor cats
Number of registered keepers (you)More than 2 people1 personCorporate organization and representative

The above is just a typical example, and each registration will be judged flexibly.


Questions and Answers about Certificates (Titles)

No, there is no exam to earn the title. All you need to do is submit a survey sheet. There is no need to go to any venue, as the entire process is completed on the web.
The most fundamental basis for granting a title is whether or not you have a good understanding of each cat. It is necessary to investigate whether the cat is identifiable, including its personality, and the amount of survey items is sufficient for this purpose.
After submitting the research sheets, the title and certificate will be granted after review and approval by the Director. The process takes approximately two weeks.
No, there is no renewal fee. There is only an application fee at the time of registration.
Yes, you can. Please submit your information from the Contact Us page.
It is possible for a caretaker/keeper (owner) to obtain multiple titles, but only one title per cat.
We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, etc.), Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, and bank transfers (Japan Post Bank, GMO Aozora Net Bank).
Please send us a note from the payment page or contact us page.
You can find your receipt number on the payment completion screen that appears after you complete the application process, or in the confirmation e-mail sent to your registered e-mail address. Please enter the receipt number on the survey sheet. Please note that the receipt number will not be issued until the payment is completed.
Cats that have already passed away can be given titles and registered.
Currently, only cats can be registered.
If you would like to add a caretaker or keeper, please contact us from the Contact Us page.
Please refer to the details page for the differences between the titles. If, after you have applied for the title of your choice, it is determined that a different title is more appropriate, we will inform you of this separately.
There is no expiration date. Your love for cats is indestructible.
Please submit the survey sheet within two weeks of your application.
Each title is not a pedigree. Although pedigrees can be included in the registration, they are not proof of the pedigree. The certificate issued is proof that the title has been granted.
The language of the certificate will be English, as it will be an internationally accepted proof of title. The content of the survey sheet will be registered in the database in Japanese.
You can register your cat even if it is kept indoors.
Yes, pedigree cats can be registered.
No, there is no deadline. We accept applications at any time.
No. Since each cat has a different personality and characteristics, you will need to register each cat individually. Therefore, titles will be given to each cat individually.
Yes, it is possible. If your organization has a name and a track record of activities, you may be eligible to register as a COC (Certified Organization Cat) and be given a title.
In principle, the title is indestructible. However, the title and certificate will lose its validity if it is later found that you have made false statements on the survey sheet.
No, you will not be exempted. The title granting survey sheet and the donation are separate, so no special consideration will be given to them. Whether or not to grant a title is based on the survey sheet only.
Cats can "sit and wait" if they need to. Sometimes it is necessary to sleep and wait. Take your time, enjoy your time with your cat, and start again when you are ready.
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