Frequently Asked Questions

A community cat is a cat that lives mainly outside, and it is a cat that lives while cooperating with the people in the area and watching over each other. They are not kept in the home of a specific person and is supported by everyone in the area where the cat lives.
From the perspective of animal welfare, we do not disclose the detailed location on our website in order to prevent the abandonment of cats. Our headquarters is located in Akishima City, Tokyo, Japan.
Cats that have been operated on through TNR activities generally have the tops of their ears cut slightly in a V-shape as a marker. It is called a sakura ear cut because it looks like sakura petals. This makes TNR activities easier, and you can tell at a glance that this cat is done. The right ear is considered male and the left ear is female.
TNR is a series of activities to trap, neuter, and return cats to their trapping sites. It is mainly carried out by volunteer groups in order to prevent the increase of unhappy stray cats and local cats.
Most stray cats and local cats that live outside are more active at night. During the day, they tend to sleep in a safe and undisturbed place, sometimes basking in the sun. Depending on the season, cats from the surrounding area may gather in the middle of the night for a meeting, and it is common for more than five cats to gather, making them easy to find. First of all, feel free to take a walk and look for cats in the shadows of trees, under parked cars, or in parks several times.
Currently, we do not take in cats.
Community cats and hybrid cats do not have a pedigree, and in human terms they do not have a family register or nationality. However, every cat has its own personality. We want to make a “proof” that the child is alive or registered somewhere. Specifically, on SiriusCat.org, the characteristics of cats for each individual are registered in the database, and some of them are published as paper-based or digital files as certified by Sirius Cat.
A domesticated cat is one that is kept indoors by a specific owner. A domesticated cat is a cat that has become a family member with its owner at a pet store, breeder, or transfer meeting. They can be pedigreed or mongrels. Community cats, on the other hand, are mainly cats that live outside and are raised in cooperation with the local community. In some cases, the concept of community cats is included in stray cats.
A stock company is a legal entity that aims to grow by pursuing profit. As a result, the shareholders receive dividends from the profits, and the management has the role of steering the company. A general incorporated association, on the other hand, aims to carry out activities that are more in the public interest, and in principle does not distribute profits. All profits earned from business activities are used for the purpose of the corporation. In the case of Sirius Cat Organization, all profits earned will be used for activities for cats.
There are pet shops*, direct transfers from breeders, transfer meetings, etc. If the timing is good, they may be recruiting owners at cat cafes. In general, pet shops are easy, expensive, and transfer meetings may be free of charge, but there is a tendency that the examination conditions for owners are strict. Breeders are viewed as an intermediate position. *In Europe and North America, the sale and sale of living organisms such as cats and dogs are not carried out at shops.
A pedigreed cat is one whose birth, roots, and breed are registered with a registry and a pedigree is issued. A mongrel, on the other hand, does not have such a document, and is referred to collectively as a kitty, mackerel tiger, tortoiseshell cat, or hatchling. There are also mixes of pedigreed cats and mongrels.
The life of a cat, the life of a cat, lasts about 20 years at the longest. The main TNR that has been done so far is only one day. In the years before and after that, we are a company that researches and explores how community cats live and what kind of activities they are doing, and in some cases also disseminates information. It may be called a research institute / think tank. Through these activities, we will aim to appropriately improve communication in the region and promote understanding of community cats in cooperation with government agencies and volunteer groups. It is a company that flexibly challenges the relationship with various cats without being bound by the five purposes stated in the company's articles of incorporation.
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