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Sirius Cat Organization

【Responsible person】
Representative Director Kazunari Kibushi

【Contact address】
Inside Sirius Japan LLC., 5-15-4 Matsubaracho, Akishima City, Tokyo, 196-0003, Japan

【Homepage address】

【Contact email address】
※If you have any questions, please contact us from the Contact Us page.

【Contact phone number】

【Product price】
Displayed on each product page (including tax)

【Payment method】
Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Postal Transfer, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay

【Required fees other than the product price】
Bank transfer fee (when using bank transfer, etc.)

【Time of payment for the product】
Advance payment

【The time of product delivery】
After payment is confirmed, screening will begin, and in principle, the product will be shipped within two weeks. In case of digital format, there will be no shipping. You can upload your application to our website or account page, or send it by e-mail.

【Returns, Exchanges, Cancellations, etc.】
We do not accept returns, exchanges, etc. after the screening process has started or after the products have been shipped.
If the product is defective, it will be replaced. The same applies to digital formats.
Please contact us within one week of shipment.
In this case, we will pay the postage.

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