About Us

【Company Name】
Sirius Cat Organization
(Japanese name : 一般社団法人シリウスキャット)

【Research Observatory Name】
Sirius Cat Observatory
(Japanese name : シリウスキャット観測所)

【Website URL】
SiriusCat.org is a top-level domain used by non-profit and public organizations, and is derived from the first three letters of the word Organization. As a general incorporated association, our company uses “.org” because our activities are more in the public interest than those of a for-profit corporation.

【Group Companies】
・Sirius Japan LLC.
・Sirius America, Inc.
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【Company Establishment】
March 2021
Date of preparation of the original articles of incorporation : February 22 (Nyan Nyan Nyan)

【Board Members】
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5-15-4, Matsubara ,Akishima City, Tokyo, 196-0003, Japan
For the purpose of animal protection, we have indicated the approximate location.

The purpose of this organization is to improve the well-being of animals, mainly cats, through sustainable coexistence with humans, and to contribute to this purpose, we will conduct the following activities.
(1) Research on the ecology of local cats
(2) Activities to improve communication in the local community through cats
(3) Issuance of certificates to improve the transferability of cats
(4) Dissemination activities to improve understanding of local cats
(5) Operation of cat cafes
Other related businesses or businesses necessary to achieve the objectives of the Organization.

【Transaction Bank】
・GMO Aozora Net Bank, Ltd.
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