Our Activities

We, Sirius Cat Organization, were incorporated with the principle of creating and supporting a society where animals, especially cats and humans, can live happily together in the future. At Sirius Cat, all of our activities are charitable in nature and are primarily focused on the following.

1.Research on the ecology of community cats
2.Activities to improve communication in the local community through cats
3.Issuance of certificates to improve the transferability of cats
4.Dissemination activities to improve understanding of community cats
5.Operation of cat cafes

1. Research on the ecology of community cats
In the dissemination of community cat activities, it is very important to improve the understanding of the cats themselves. Doctors are well versed in human biology and are in the profession of finding and treating diseases. However, why we behave the way we do and on what basis we live is beyond the expertise of doctors. It is the same for veterinarians in cats, which requires a more multifaceted approach such as sociology and behavior. Our knowledge of cats in general is deepening throughout society, but our understanding of community cats is not necessarily so. We are focusing on what happens after TNR activities*. TNR is not the end of the story.
*TNR activities are a series of Trap (capture), Neuter (spay or neuter), and Return (return to capture site) activities. TNR is a series of activities to trap, neuter, and return cats to their trapping grounds. It is mainly carried out by volunteer groups to prevent the increase of unhappy stray cats and local cats.

2. Activities to improve communication in the local community through cats
As we stroll around the town, we somehow find out which houses have cats and which houses are cat lovers. And although children passing by are wary of adults they don’t know, they are strangely excited when they spot a cat. Interacting with animals is an irreplaceable experience in any age. Especially when you find a cat in town, there is a sense of excitement, just like when you discover a wild Pokémon.

3. Issuance of certificates to improve the transferability of cats
Community cats and mongrel cats do not have a pedigree. In human terms, this is the same as having no family register or nationality. However, every cat has its own personality. Some cats are bossy, some are spoiled by their friends, some are anxious, and some are trilingual, understanding English, Japanese and feline languages. Naturally, they may not know exactly what we mean, but they can vaguely understand what we mean by the tone of our voice, the emotions conveyed, and the atmosphere. Cats may have more intrinsic communication skills than humans. Including cats that have already passed away, we would like to create a “proof” that the cat lived or was registered somewhere. We would be happy if this could lead to a sense of security and warmth for the people who will be adopting them.

4. Dissemination activities to improve understanding of community cats
Cats have always lived in the forest, so they are animals that like to explore outside. Although it is better to have a safe and comfortable place to sleep, we feel that going outside to explore to the fullest is a very important activity in a cat’s life. We would like to have a relationship where we can watch over them and support each other.

5. Operation of cat cafes*
In the past, we have tried to create a very unique American-style cat cafe. However, there are many people who have difficulty owning a cat, taking care of a cat, wondering whether or not to get a cat, or wanting to interact with a cat or make friends with a cat even if it’s just for the experience. Cat cafes play a very important role as a “starting point“. As a starting point, cat cafes play a very important role. We think it is also necessary to support or manage such cat cafes in the future.
*We are currently not operating a cat cafe.

With the spread of social networking services and smart phones, people’s lives have become much more convenient. However, for the past few decades, providing convenience has been the touchstone of corporate growth, which has repeatedly created short-term pleasure for people and consumption. In the process of technological evolution and change, we seem to have gradually lost one of the most important aspects of happiness, which is “human connection“.

On the other hand, we are all born with the innate power to heal. Even if we are injured or sick, we can usually get back to our original neutral state by getting plenty of nutrition and sleep, and sometimes with the help of medicine.

There is nothing good or bad about technology itself. Technology itself is neither good nor bad, it is how we use it that has the power to bring about good or bad results. Our society originated in the village. In those days, there was no technology. There was no need for it. There was no one in the village that you didn’t know, and if someone was in trouble, you could see it as your problem, even if you were not related to them. It was a very simple and easy to understand society. It is said that one of the reasons for today’s segregated world is the increase in the number of people we don’t know well due to urbanization. This is the limit of human imagination, and we can’t really be kind to people we’ve never met or don’t know. We believe that cats, especially community cats, are one of the solutions to this problem. A community and society that is kind to local cats will surely be a healthy town. It’s probably not wrong to say that “there are no bad people who like cats“.

Imagine for a moment that you have just moved to a new town. You might greet the newcomers with a small gift, just on the surface. It’s better than nothing, but it’s only an acquaintance, not a friend. People need to have some kind of common “trigger” or “purpose“.

We could go on for a long time about how difficult this sounds, but the source of our activities is not only healing, but also the joy of “new discoveries” that our cats sometimes offer us. It’s as if they are our reward. Of course, you have to love cats, but we would be happy if we could provide more people with the opportunity to experience this feeling.

・・・・・・ Community cats who became stars across the rainbow bridge, who gave us kindness and love ・・・・・・

Coco-chan, Neru-nyan, Nekopan, Chibi-nyan, Buti-nyan, Honbuchi, etc.

With gratitude and respect.

Sirius Cat Organization
Representative Director Kaz Kibushi

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