Request for Donations

Sirius Cat’s activities are currently supported by volunteers and group companies. We would like to ask for donations from those who agree with our philosophy of creating and supporting a society where animals, mainly local cats and humans, can live happily together in the future.

Donations by Credit Card

Credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, JCB, and American Express are accepted.
You can also use PayPal, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Donations by Bank Transfer

We offer two bank transfer options (Japan Post Bank and GMO Aozora Net Bank).
You can make the transfer from any bank or internet banking system in Japan.

【What we can do with your donation】

Your donation can help community cats in need.

☆100 yen: 1 canned or wet food
Mixing canned or wet food with dry food (general nutrition food, commonly known as crunchy food) will increase the healthy life span of the cat.

☆500 yen: 1kg of crunchy food
This is enough food for one cat for about two weeks.

☆1,000 yen: Flea and tick remedy
It needs to be mixed with food or administered drop by drop once a month.

☆3,000 yen: Installation of automatic water dispenser
Cats like to drink water that moves, such as river water. Rather than motionless water in a bowl or dish, using a fountain-type waterer with a power source will make them drink about three times as much water and increase their healthy life span.

☆5,000 yen: Mobile cage
This is used when the animal needs to be moved in some way, such as to a veterinary hospital, or when it is placed in a car or bicycle.

☆7,000 yen: 3 or 5 vaccine doses
Vaccinations are required once a year. Community cats, in particular, are active outside, so vaccinating them, if possible, will protect them from viruses. These vaccines are very effective because they are targeted against diseases that have a high probability of being contracted outside, and if contracted, are difficult to cure naturally. Specifically, the three vaccines are for feline viral rhinotracheitis, feline calicivirus infection, and feline panleukopenia, while the five vaccines are for the three plus feline leukemia and feline chlamydia infection.Although 5 types are recommended, there are many cats that have adverse reactions, so vaccination should be done in a balanced manner, alternating with 3 types or every other year.

☆10,000 yen: veterinary care
When something unusual happens to your cat, there are a wide range of things that need to be done, such as medical examination fees, administration of antibiotics, and suturing of scratches caused by fights between cats. In addition, a certain amount of money is required because it is usually not a single visit.

☆50,000 yen: Continuation of Sirius Cat
In addition to the daily study and observation of local cats, there are various daily costs involved in understanding and promoting the local community and maintaining the landscape. It is also used not only for maintenance but also for development, such as activities using the latest IoT devices.

☆100,000 yen: Support for community cats and shelter cats in other areas
We, Sirius Cat, are usually active in a very limited area. In order to expand our activities to a wider area, we will use our various networks to help community cats and shelter cats.

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