Safety considerations

【About URL】
The Sirius Cat Observatory (operated by Sirius Cat Organization) uses the URL The dot org is a top-level domain used by non-profit organizations and highly public organizations. Our company, as a general incorporated association, uses .org because our activities are more in the public interest than those of a for-profit corporation.

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Sirius Cat Organization

Click on the padlock in the browser URL, then click on “Certificate” or “Show Certificate” etc. to display the expiration date. Make sure that it matches the expiration date of the site seal above.

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【Basic Policy on Anti-Social Forces】
In order to create a safe and secure society, is committed to active compliance. In order to create a safe and secure society, will actively comply with the Basic Policy against Antisocial Forces (link), and all members will comply with this policy to ensure the appropriateness and safety of our business.

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