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★Tokyo, Japan★

Akishima City is located in the central Tama region of Tokyo, Japan. The population of the entire Tokyo metropolis is approximately 14 million, of which 4.2 million live in the Tama area. Despite the fact that Tokyo is one of the world’s leading megalopolis, this city has the only municipality in Tokyo that provides 100% of its water supply from groundwater pumped up from more than 100 meters deep underground. According to the Japan Water Works Association’s water rate table, the city’s domestic water rates for domestic use were the second lowest in Japan. This means that it is very easy for citizens to live in the city. With a population of approximately 114,000, it is the 39th most populous of the 62 municipalities in Tokyo. There are 4 train lines running and 5 stations in the city and it takes about 30~40 minutes to get to the city center, downtown of Tokyo.
The city has a unique area where three shrines and temples (Hiyoshi Shrine, Dainichi-do, and Haijima Daishi) are clustered together and are designated as tangible cultural properties and natural monuments by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. A new species of whale fossil, more than a million years old, was mined in the city and given the scientific name Akishimaensis, commonly known as the Akishima-whale. In honor of its name, the city’s central library is also named Akishimaensis.

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Organization Name : Akishima City Hall

Address : Zip 196-8511 Tokyo Akishima city Tanaka-cho1-17-1

TEL : 042-544-5111 (representative)

FAX number : 042-546-5496

From business hours : weekday 8:30am, 5:15pm

Corporate number : 8000020132071

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