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★Marupe*, Latvia★
*Marupe is a suburb of the Latvian capital, Riga.

Cat Care Community is an animal protection organization with a mission to find a loving new home for every abandoned cat.
They save, medically treat and take care of animals until they find the right people for them.

Cat Care Community is a nonprofit organization that strives to improve lives of stray cats in Latvia by helping people to find loving homes for these cats.
With more than 10K followers, Cat Care Community has one of the most popular Facebook accounts of this field in Latvia.

They have several projects like the followings.

Within their project various stray cat houses are built and located near their localization territories in order to improve their life circumstances.
These houses are made of high quality raw materials. Houses help them to tidy up the environment and they are also a great shelter for homeless cats to run away from dogs and bad weather.

Cat Care Community has successfully launched stray cat photo exhibitions in largest shopping malls of Riga in order to attract society’s attention to the this issue in Latvia.
These exhibitions are organized once in a quarter, which includes photos from cats that community is caring for. The main exhibitions idea is to help homeless cats find a loving owner and encourage society to adopt not shop animals. They invite anyone to help them realize their little friends dreams – going to home with owner and feel the love a human can give.

If you’re looking for cat videos, information or news about cat caring, feeding, health or DIY advice than Cat Care Community Facebook page is your encyclopedia for every fluffy moment.

They take action in keeping colonias of street cats safe and sound in different districts in capital city Riga. Usually they are yards of multiapartment houses. As far as possible they sterilize cats, give them temporary homes and, if neccesary, they give the feeder dry food and canned food for cats.

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Organization Name : Kaķu aprūpes biedrība Sociālā labklājības organizācija (Biedrība “Cat Care Community”)

Address : Zemturu iela, Mārupe, Mārupes novads, LV-2167 Latvia

TEL : +371 2234 6437

Mail address :

From business hours : 24 hours

Registry number : 40008240732

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