Deutsche Juristische Gesellschaft für Tierschutzrecht

Deutsche Juristische Gesellschaft für Tierschutzrecht

★Berlin, Germany★

Deutsche Juristische Gesellschaft für Tierschutzrecht (DJGT, if directly translated into English, The German Legal Society for Animal Protection Law, Hereinafter referred to as DJGT) is an association whose members – primarily lawyers, judges – deal with German, European and international animal protection law.

DJGT is committed to the promotion of animal protection. The inclusion of animal protection as a state objective in the German Basic Law in 2002 elevated animal protection to a constitutionally protected legal asset. Against this background, it is their goal to work toward the effective enforcement of existing animal protection regulations and their further development.

They would like to create a network for lawyers interested in animal protection and promote professional exchange between them. From this close cooperation, legal-political initiatives are to arise in order to influence the public, politically responsible persons and the administration. In this way, they would like to bring about changes in thinking and acting in the interest of animal protection.

DJGT covers many subjects related to animals, such as animal testing, hunting, zoos and circuses, but here are their thoughts on pets in the home.

Dogs, cats, small animals, birds, fish, terrarium animals – an estimated 34 million pets live in German households in 2019. They are beloved family members who enrich life. Although the pet industry also represents a considerable economic factor with a sales volume of 10 billion euros, pets eke out a shadowy existence despite urgent tasks in politics and legislation. The illegal puppy trade is booming and the sale of animals on the Internet is fueling it. A regulation on the identification and registration of pets would also reduce the number of untraceable found animals and make it easier to prosecute thefts. Breeding is getting out of control with pugs, Scottish fold cats or small animals with too long ears, abnormal feather growth or dental problems due to deformed jaws becoming extreme breeding. In order to effectively prosecute the prohibited torture breeding, they need, among other things, a regulation according to § 11b para. 4 TierSchG and the education of citizens who still buy overbred fashion animals. Further, education about species-appropriate animal husbandry is needed. These are some important areas in pet keeping where they demand improvements.

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Organization Name : Deutsche Juristische Gesellschaft für Tierschutzrecht e.V.

Address : Littenstr. 108, 10179 Berlin, Germany

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