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WORLDPETNET is a global registry of marked animals for those owners of dogs, cats and other animals who want to ensure maximum safety for their pets.

As originators of this global registry, they promote electronic animal identification and work to raise awareness of the fact that a microchip alone is not enough to identify an animal. Being able to accurately identify a pet is important when it goes missing and helps combat animal homelessness, which has now become a global problem. This is only possible by registering all electronically marked animals in local or national databases, without which it is virtually impossible to identify a pet.

The overarching purpose of their proprietary solution is to integrate all national registries of electronically marked animals across the world. WORLDPETNET combines the registries of all partnered databases, allowing for quick searching and identification of pets and owners, regardless of where they live or went missing.

They will gladly work with any database maintaining a registry of microchipped animals, no matter the country ! They impose no restrictions on accepted microchip number formats, manufacturers, animal species, breeds or pedigree – their goal is to integrate all information on electronically marked animals in one place. Their main goal is to collect data on electronically marked pets and combine them into uniform registries spanning the globe. This solution is their response to the needs of the modern world, where people and their pets migrate, move around and travel. Unity results in higher quality, power and effectiveness when it comes to guaranteeing safety, which is why every national database should join them today to improve their quality of service!

The registration process has been made very simple, short and intuitive. Creating a WORLDPETNET User Account takes only several minutes, after which you receive access to functionalities helpful when looking for a lost pet.

In addition, their platform offers information on animal breeding centres, veterinary clinics and local animal shelters, as well as enables users to post the contact information of such establishments in the WORLDPETNET catalogues.

They are steadfast in their conviction and believe that their platform holds great potential. They want you to know that you have made the right choice by choosing WORLDPETNET, which is why they diligently analyse and assess the needs and expectations of users regarding the functionalities offered by their platform. They welcome all feedback and suggestions as they help us improve the quality of their website.

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Organization Name : World Pet Network

Address : Starogrodzka 1/3, 72-300 Gryfice, Poland

TEL : +48 507 356 000

Mail address :

From business hours : 24 hours

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